Happy to announce a solo show hosted by Colab Gallery and Carhartt in Munich curated by Stefan Winterle. (Münchner Freiheit 2// 80802 Munich// Germany). Thanks to Stefan, Wolfgang, Rudi, Kevin, Dan and Hanzee in advance.
Official Press release:
Mark Gmehling, from Dortmund in Germany, is a creative multi-talent who performs masterly in various creative fields. Regardless of whether he applies digital or analog skills, his creations are easily recognized. His unmistakable, fluent style reconnects his work.

Mark Gmehling creates his art mainly using digital media. This is how he designs amazing paintings that appear to be a frozen image of an animated movie or photographic image of a porcelain statue. His current serial deals with portraits without any mimic. By using a pose only, he revitalizes them with humanity, drama and expression. Reduced to using black, white and red, he titillates through playing with light and surface structures.In contrast to this seeminly motivs will be on view in large light boxes. For Gmehling this is not about piety but more about a passion towards your own church/God. The Holy Grenade" that can be found in all three pieces of art, is a symbol for the uncomprisingness of his work, be it ordered or free art.

His digital paintings are made as if of porcelain, and appear to be immediate; inviting you to take a closer look in order to absorb all the details.
He combines his quick-wittedness and humor in his observation of our society and expresses it with a calculated precision.

Mark Gmehling started off in 1988, as a graffiti sprayer. He then studied free art, followed by a graphic design study. He has won many renowned rewards for ad campaigns and animations and is a lecturer for digital illustrations and graphic design as well as for free artists.

The Colab Gallery Team is pleased to present to you a cross section of his current work in the local exhibitional area of the Munich Carhartt W.I.P. stores.

Die Colab Gallery präsentiert Mark Gmehling

Der Dortmunder Mark Gmehling ist ein kreatives Multitalent, das sich auf vielen künstlerischen Feldern meisterlich bewegt. Unabhängig davon, ob Mark Gmehling mit digitalen oder analogen Werkzeugen arbeitet, sind seine Schöpfungen ohne Mühe wieder zu erkennen.
Es ist dieser unverkennbare, flüssige Stil der seine Arbeit verbindet.

Seine wie aus Porzellan gebrannten digitalen Gemälde wirken unmittelbar und laden gleichzeitig zu genauerem Hinschauen ein, um sämtliche Details wahrzunehmen. Dann erschliesst sich die Präzision, mit der er seine Beobachtungen über unsere Gesellschaft mit seiner Schlagfertigkeit und Humor kombiniert.

Angefangen hat Mark Gmehling 1988 als Graffiti Sprayer. Später folgte ein Studium der Freien Kunst und anschliessend ein Grafikdesign Studium. Er ist Preisträger renommierter Auszeichnungen für Werbekampagnen und Animationen, Dozent für Kommunikations- und Mediendesign und Freier Künstler.

Wir vom Carhartt W.I.P. Store freuen uns Ihnen einen Querschnitt durch sein aktuelles Schaffen zusammen mit der Colab Gallery in München präsentieren zu können.

Feel cordially invited I'm looking forward to see Munich again and have one or another drink with you guys on Saturday October 17th 8pm! As soon as possible I'll upload photos from the opening and preparing of the show...
Everythings setup...photo: johannes klais
I'll post some pics of the opening and the art as soon as possible, for now I'd like to share this limited edition that was done for this show: "Gaga-Bumm" 70x50cm Fineartprint on 270gr matte photoluxx, signed, stamped and numbered with love...This edition of 23 is exclusively available via COLAB GALLERY. Just contact info@colab-gallery.com if you're interested or grab yours directly in the gallery...
photo: philphamphoto
"Gaga-Bumm" big print: 170x120cm, Finartprint on alu dibond, edition 1/1 photo: philphamphoto
photo: philphamphoto
"Gaga-Bumm" 120x80cm, Fineartprint on alu-dibond, 2014
photo: philphamphoto
As soon as I get the final photos from the opening I'll update...
Big thanks to Rudi, Wolfgang and Kevin and of course Stefan- taking care of everything... photo: philphamphoto
Cut: Johannes Klais

"Watch me" 80x150cm, Fineartprint on alu-dibond, 2012
"Touch me" 2/3, 80x150cm, Fineartprint on alu-dibond, 2012
photo: philphamphoto
"Bwaah!" 80x120cm, Fineartprint on alu-dibond, 2015
"Power-Proof" 110x120cm, Fineartprint on alu-dibond, 2015
photo: philphamphoto
"Medium Ecstasy" 2/3, 120x120cm, Fineartprint on alu-dibond, 2014
photo: Johannes Klais
"Uber-Happy" 120x120cm, Fineartprint on alu dibond, 2014

"Ultra-Yawn" 120x80cm, Fineartprint on alu-dibond, 2013

"Turbo-Ooops" 120x80cm, Fineartprint on alu-dibond, 2013
"Hyper-Ouch" 120x80cm, Fineartprint on alu-dibond, 2013

"Mega-Huh?" 120x80cm, Fineartprint on alu-dibond, 2013
photo: Johannes Klais
"Extra-Bored" 120x80cm, Fineartprint on alu-dibond, 2013
photo: Johannes Klais
photo: philphamphoto
"Tit For Tat" 123x153x15cm, Lightbox Mixed Media, 2011
"Dong For A Ding" 123x153x15cm, Lightbox Mixed Media, 2011
photo: philphamphoto
"Pong For A Ping" 123x153x15cm, Lightbox Mixed Media, 2011
photo: philphamphoto
"Holy Grenade (Ceramic)" 2/3, 50cm height, Polyresin, 2012
Thanks for looking, guys!
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